Apr 21, 2010

Sweet Lassi

This is my all time favorite. I still remember I had this sweet lassi in Dhaba (in cenatoph road, chennai - if I am right), when I was in college.Now recently while staying in Intercontinental, Delhi, I got a chance to drink this sweet Lassi and I should admit the fact that Lassi in Delhi is the best. I got this recipe from my landlord here in Delhi.

  1. Yogurt - 1 cup
  2. Thick Butter - 2 tsp ( I used unsalted)
  3. Salt - a pinch (optional)
  4. Sugar - required amount (I used 6 tbsp)
  5. Rose Water - 1 tsp
Blend all the ingredients , till it becomes frothy. Pour it in a glass. . Chill it  and enjoy. I somehow don't feel like adding ice cubes in it. If you prefer to add one.  I did not know that we can add butter in lassi.  It was so yummy. Since I wanted it thick, I didn't add water to yogurt. We can also garnish it with pistachios too. I didn't have them.

I am sending this Sweet Lassi along with my Mango Lassi & Strawberry Smoothie to Srivalli's Thanda Mela

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