Feb 16, 2009

Mango & Banana Muffin

I can eat mangoes any time. I love this fruit. While I was reading a post in Ramya Bala's blog, I came across this recipe which tempted me to try and I followed the same recipe with some changes. Here is the recipe I followed.

  1. All purpose flour (maida) - 1 1/2 cups
  2. Salt - little less than 1/4 tsp
  3. Baking Soda - 1 tsp
  4. Baking powder - 2 tsp
  5. Sugar - 1/2 cup
  6. Eggs - 2
  7. mango Pulp - 1/2 cup
  8. Mashed Banana - 1/2 cup
  9. Butter - 1/2 cup **
Preheat oven to 400 degrees. In a bowl, mix all the dry ingredients well so that it mixes together. In a separate bowl, beat eggs adding a teaspoon of water. Add it to the dry ingredients along with mango pulp and mashed banana. Mix the batter well so that no lumps are formed. Arrange the muffin cups and fill the cups with 3/4th of batter. Bake it for 15 mts or until it becomes golden brown. Check it inserting a tooth pick and it should come out clean. The final result was really amazing. My husband said, it tasted like banana nut muffin. But i didn't added nuts. May be next time I will add nuts instead of mango pulp.

** - I added crisco instead of butter. the measurements will be given in the crisco box that how to replace it in the place of butter. I followed the same instruction to replace butter


Dershana said...

looks good! heavily into baking these days, huh?

Vidhya said...

ha ha.. no yaar. this was really tempting and i like mangoes. I am really busy with my twins now a days. both were sick on and off..

sriharivatsan said...

Looks yummy vidhya..

Swapna said...

Wow! wht a wonderful combination of fruits in muffins. Looks awesome. There is something waiting for u in my blog:)


I love muffin, those look so delicious, sure I am gonna try them , my kids are gonna love them.Thanks for sharing it !

lubnakarim06 said...

Wow looks moist and yum.

Jaishree Iyer said...

Muffins looks tempting and looks awesome & yum.. bookmarked this recepie vidhya..Hope kids love this yummy muffins.Thanks for sharing it !

Usha said...

Muffins look delicious :-)

Unknown said...

yum yum looks so delicious

Sum Raj said...

i love anything with mangoes....ur muffins looks great..

Lakshmi said...

Muffins and Mango..dashing combinaion dear..they look delicious

Paru ... said...

Lovely muffins Vidhya..Love mango too:)