Jan 30, 2008

Coconut Rice

This is one of the famous variety rice. But now-a-days because of health issues and diet issues, most of the people avoid eating this rice. The main ingredients are as follows:

  1. Coconut - 1 medium cup.
  2. Rice - 1 cup (measuring cup)
  3. Green chillies- 2
  4. Ginger - a small piece
  5. Mustard seeds - 1 tsp (for Seasoning)
  6. urid dal - 1/2 tsp (for Seasoning)
  7. Channa dal - 1/2 tsp (for Seasoning)
  8. Red Chilly - 1(for seasoning)
  9. Salt to taste
  10. Cashews - 5 (for Seasoning).
  11. Peanuts - 10 (for seasoning)
  12. Fenugreek seeds - 1/4 tsp ( for Seasoning)
  13. Asafoetida powder - 2 pinches
  14. Oil - 1 1/2 tbsp (can also use coconut oil)
  15. Curry leaves - 10 - 15 leaves
My MIL used to sprinkle a spicy home made powder, on top of the rice. The ingredients for the powder are as follows:
  1. Channa dal - 1 tbsp
  2. Toor dal - 3/4 tbsp
  3. Urid Dal - 1/2 tbsp
  4. Red chillies - 4
  5. Fenugreek seeds - 1 tsp
  6. Asafoetida powder - 2 pinches
  7. White Sesame seeds - 1 tsp
First cook the rice upto 2 whistles in a pressure pan. Do not over cook. Keep it aside and let it cool. In a small pan, preheat a drop of oil and fry the ingredients of spicy powder one by one and let it cool. Grind it into a fine powder. Keep it aside.

Now in a big pan, pre heat the remaining oil, add mustard seeds when it splutters, add, channa dal +uriddal+green chillies+ fenugreek seeds+ peanuts+ cashews+ red chillies+curry leaves, one by one and fry it to golden brown. Finally add the fresh coconut to it and turn off the stove. Do not burn these ingredients. Add salt to it and stir it thoroughly. Now pour these ingredients on top of the rice and stir it carefully till the rice mixes with coconut etc. mix. Do not mash the rice. At last sprinkle one or two tbsp(acc. to taste) of spicy powder on top of the rice and mix it thoroughly. Again, do not mash the rice while using a spoon or spatula. The above said quantity will be enough for 2 to 3 people.

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