Nov 14, 2008

Ginger Pulikachal

This receipe comes under hot-hotter-hottest side of cooking. Spicy lovers love to use this pulikachal. This is basically a side dish which can be used with Molagootal or any kind of kootu, curd rice, for dosai... The main ingredients are as follows:-
  1. Ginger - one small cup or 4 table spoon (finely chopped)
  2. Green chillies - 3
  3. Jaggery - 3 table spoon
  4. Tamarind paste - 3 table spoon
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp
  7. Sesame Oil - 3 tbsp
  8. Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp
  9. Urid dal - 1/2 tsp
First take 3 table spoon ginger out of 4 table spoons and green chillies and grind it into a fine paste. Now take a wide pan, pre heat the oil, when it splutters add urid dal, add the remaining 1 tbsp ginger, fry it for a minute. Now add the ginger+chillies paste. Add one or 1 1/2 cups of water. Add turmeric powder salt and tamarind paste to it and let it cook for 10 mts under medium heat. Add jaggery to it after 10 mts and mix every thing well and again let it boil for another 10 mts. When sesame oil comes out of the paste, its time to turn off the stove.

It will be really really hot. If we want we can reduce the number of green chillies. Ginger is good for digestion. Its better to consume a little. We can keep this pulikachal for 10 days under refrigeration.
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