Aug 10, 2011

Cheese Parathas

I made this cheese Parathas last week for my girls. Well for one of my twin. She actually liked it a lot with a cup of yogurt and sugar as side.
  Here is how I made this Paratha.

Ingredients for making one Paratha:-
  1. Chapathi dough- a medium lemon sized
  2. Cheese Singles - 1
  3. ghee - for cooking.
Just  flatten the dough to poori sized circle. Cut the cheese singles in to pieces and put it on top of the circle. Cover it and roll it for about 9" diameter. Heat a skillet and cook it in medium flame. Make sure the cheese don't ooze out. Spread the ghee on top of the paratha. This can be a healthy lunch for kiddos. Even we can pack it to school for lunch.


Priya Suresh said...

Omg, soo tempting and cheesssssssy parathas.

Prema said...

I was thinking in which way i can give cheese to my girl...this is too gud idea...sure will try this...thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing...

Pushpa said...

Cheesy and so very yummy.