Feb 18, 2014

Idly/Dosa Molagapodi

Even though I like to have molagapodi as side dish with almost all of my dishes (including thayir saadam), I didn't know how to make it until last week.  My MIL used to make it in large quantity and give it to us.  But this time while coming back from India, I forgot to ask her.  We ran out of molagapodi last week.  So I had to make it here.  I asked my MIL the recipe for making it and tried it here.  It came out pretty good.  I put little less chilli than her.  Here goes the recipe.

  1. Channa Dhall / Kadala paruppu - 1 cup
  2. Red Chillies - 3/4 cup (acc to taste)
  3. Salt to taste
  4. White Sesame Seeds -  1 tsp
  5. Sesame Oil - 1 tbsp
  6. jaggery/Vellam - 1 tsp
Preheat oil in a kadai/pan.  Add the red chillies and fry it in low/medium flame until it becomes dark red color.  Don't burn the chillies.  Take the chillies out when it is done and keep it in a wide plate for cooling.  Now add channa dhall to the same kadai and fry it until it becomes golden brown.  A nice aroma will come when it is done.  Take it out of the flame and put it along with the chillies and let it cool.  Turn down the flame to low and put the sesame seeds in it and fry it until it becomes pink color.  Add it along with chilli and dhall.  Once it is cool, grind it coarsely adding salt and jaggery to it. Enjoy with Idly, dosa, adai etc

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