Jan 15, 2016

Pizza - Using Pizza Kit

This is just a review post.  We bought this Molinaro's stone baked organic pizza kit from Costco.  I thought of writing a simple review for the product.  I have used Pillsbury pizza crust before and tried once. But this is the first time where I am using an already baked pizza crust.

The Packet had four crust and four sauce pouches along with a zip lock cover to store the remaining crust and sauce.  All we have to do it spread the sauce, add our favorite topping and  cheese and bake it for 10 minutes or until the cheese melts. We had it as dinner yesterday and it was really easy to make.  Recently I started giving my twin 11 year old some  kitchen training.  This starter kit was perfect for them to explore.

I asked to do all the steps except using the oven.  They loved doing it because this gave them an opportunity to chop vegetables for pizza topping. The outcome was really good and crust was thin and really tasty.  This package is really good for two meal sessions for a family of four.

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