Jul 5, 2011

Strawberry Sandwich

If you love to eat strawberry, then you should be loving this sandwich. I came across this sandwich recipe while reading a magazine. Forgot the name of the author. But its from family circle magazine couple of years old edition..  One of my twin loves to eat strawberries in any form. After seeing that recipe, I wanted to try it with my girlie. She really liked it too.  Its one of the easiest recipe I have ever made and the taste was awesome...Here goes the recipe...

  1. Whole wheat Bread Slices - 2
  2. Butter - to Spread
  3. Strawberries - 2 or 3 (depending upon the size)
Toast the bread to light brown. Cut the strawberries to small pieces. Spread the butter on the both the breads.  Keep the strawberry pieces on top of one and cover it with other bread.

I am sending this to Srivalli 's Sandwich Mela.

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