Sep 26, 2008

Kids friendly Chapathi & Awards!

My girls are very picky eaters and I have to think something or the other to make them eat veggies and now a days, I have to pack their lunch box. This is something which is shared by one of my aunt. I tried this with my girls' and they are eating this chapathi really well. Best part of this chapathi is, it is filled with veggies. The quantity I have used here is very less. Increase the quantity accordingly.

  1. Wheat flour - 1 small cup
  2. Salt - a pinch
  3. Sesame oil - 1 tsp
  4. Potato - 1 (if it is small or 1/2 if it is big)
  5. Carrot - 2 ( I used baby carrots)
  6. Raddish - a small piece

First pressure cook potato, carrot and raddish. Mash the veggies and add it to the wheat flour, add salt, sesame oil and required amount of water and make it soft dough like chapathi dough. Here we don't have to add more water, since the water in veggies will help us to knead the dough soft. Keep it aside for 10 mts. Make small chapathis ( I use small yogurt box lid size) and cook it on hot stove. Serve it hot to kids adding a teaspoon of melted ghee on top of it. Tomato ketchup can be a good sidedish.

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ST said...

Awesome and healthy chapati......Definitely I will try this for my daughter as she is also a picky eater.Thanks for sharing such a nice recipe.

Thanks a lot for award dear:)

Hetal said...

nice recipe...healthy too!!congrats for the awards..

Deepthi Shankar said...

a nice way to make kids eat veggies .. even grown ups will luv this ..

Dershana said...

Hi Vidhya, it is indeed a good idea :-) thank you so much for the award. will post it with my new post.

Unknown said...

Good idea.. looks delicious..

Jaishree Iyer said...

Hi Vidhya Nice Recepie..Congrats on the award and thank you so much for passing it on to me!

Vani said...

Nice idea to hide veggies in dishes kids like! I have a very fussy 2 year old so I appreciate tips like these :)

Sum Raj said...

nice way to make veggies go into kiddo's tummy...thanks for sharing and congrates on ur awards..

Crissy said...

Really kind of hard for me too to make my kids eat veggies so I need to make experiments where I can let them eat the stuff without a fight :)

anudivya said...

Kid friendly? I am loving it. Is it friendly to me too ;)

little star said...

Lovely way to get one's child to eat some veg! hope u have some more similar recipes.:)