Jun 17, 2008

Cheese & Carrot Uthappam

Again I tried this with my 3 year olds and it worked out really well. I make uthappam with the left over idly batter. In my family nobody(including me) likes to eat idly more than a day. The left over batter will become dosa or uthappam. Here is the receipe and the main ingredients are as follows...

  1. Idly Batter - 1 small cup (approx. 2 full spatula)
  2. Shredded Cheese - 1 tbsp
  3. Shredded carrots - 1 tbsp
  4. oil - 2 tsp
Pre heat the dosa pan, pour the above said idly batter, sprinkle the shredded cheese and carrots on top of it. Pour one tsp of oil and let it cook for 3 mts. Turn it over and pour the remaining oil and let it cook for another 3 mts. Serve it hot with tomato sauce or chutney(if your kids like one!!)

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